Monday, 12 August 2013

Stay in Serviced Apartment Rather than World Most Expensive Hotel

The Royal Penthouse Suit of the President Wilson Hotel situated in Geneva, Switzerland. The accommodation in this hotel is believed to be most expensive hotel rooms of the world. Famous Celebrities including, Bill Gates, Rihanna, Richard Branson and Michael Jackson ever occupy the hotel room for as much as 52 thousand pounds per night.

This room of the hotel occupies the complete eighth floor, with an area of 5486 sq. meters; you will witness the beautiful view of Alps Mountains and Lake Geneva from the window.

There is a Sauna and fitness facilities available in this hotel room. This room itself has 12 different bedrooms which can accommodates maximum 24 number of people it also has a classic piano, a billiard table for your entertainment. 

The cost of the hotel doesn’t only spend on its construction or on facilities. Its cost also includes a Security team to provide you 24 hours service wherever you go and ready to keep you safe, a personal Chef and a waiter to Cook specially for you.
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The reason for its being famous is that the security of this hotel is too tight which makes this hotel room accommodations attracts the top most celebrities and VVIP’s of the world, As not only Royal Families, Celebrities but also former Leader Gorbachev and also former President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak also spent a couple of days in this room.

The hotel room provides bulletproof doors and glass, So that the Visitors feel much safer and don’t feel any worried to rest in the world’s most expensive hotel.

While staying in these and enjoying all the luxuries is only for a limited class of people, but whats the choice of world’s population? The world chooses to accommodate in Serviced apartments which provide many of the similar luxuries at an easily affordable cost and what else would be the fun place to stay in serviced apartments than London? So take a look at over exclusive offers and book your apartment right away.     

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