Monday, 16 December 2013

Enjoy valuable Stay in Mayfair

London serviced apartments have become more and more popular these days as most of traveler chooses to stay in such accommodations.

After becoming popular in North America and in other parts of USA, it is one of the most regularly becoming trends which is becoming more popular in other parts of the world, with huge range of serviced apartments in England cities and other cities of Europe are widely available.

London is truly loved and one of the top visited country in the world due to its top visiting attractions, wide variety of tourist spots and accommodations. It is also one of the top corporate hubs around the word. To accommodate both leisure and business travelers, London has plenty of serviced apartments available for both short and long term stays. Here is we will be discussing some of the potential visiting locations of London where a visitor would love to spend time in the city.

City of London 

Whether travelers are on the business trip or on a leisure trip to London tourist will find some of the best and famous tourist attractions here, such as Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, London Eye, Museums, Art Galleries, and with many other exciting things to do in London would make the stay much fun, delightful and memorable for the rest of once live.


Mayfair is one of the vibrant and swankiest areas of London. Although it is known for its high pricing factor, but if the traveler shops around, he or she would find places where to bargain and have a good product at a reasonable price. Serviced apartments in Mayfair would also access you to The Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly Circus, and of course Buckingham Palace. You can also find good accommodations in Mayfair at affordable price.

Mayfair serviced apartments are designed with all the elegance and style to full fill all your accommodating needs at reasonable price.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My London's Holidays with Serviced Apartment Accommodation

London is undoubtedly one of vibrant city of the world, and that’s why people from all over the world loves to stay in here. In London, Mayfair is said to be one of the amazing and most attractive locations of city. Mayfair is very much rich and affluent region of the City. Having so many high end commercial setups in this area, Mayfair connects you to many of the attracting locations of London such as Oxford Street, Hyde Park, Regent Street and Green Park.

REgent Street Flags

The serviced apartments in London are very much organized and very much comfortable in nature with ideally located.

Mayfair is situated in the heart of London, surrounded with the world class theaters, Art galleries, parks, restaurants and various other designer stores and boutiques nearby. Whether you wish to travel for sheer pleasure or business purpose, Mayfair serviced apartments are an excellent choice. The enriching and modish atmosphere of Mayfair will definitely offer you a cherishing and unforgettable experience overall.
Mayfair has one of the widest ranges of short stay serviced apartments which varies from short stay studio apartments to a luxury 3 bedroom spacious apartments. Apartments in Mayfair are designed beautifully with quality furnished furniture’s. Each serviced apartment incorporates many excellent facilities such as, satellite television, independent fully equipped kitchen, lavish furniture, 24hour concierge service, high speed internet, air conditioning and many more.

luxury serviced apartments

While staying in Mayfair, you wouldn’t require car to travel around, as Mayfair is very much pedestrian preferable area. Also with convenient transport links to green park, Bond Street, Marble Arch, Hyde Park and Oxford Circus, Tube Stations and various other food streets and restaurants nearby. You can also avail direct link to Heathrow through Piccadilly Line. It is very much convenient travelling from here.
As Mayfair is popular because of its beautiful locations and attractions nearby, it is very much near to London top Museums which are top most priority of any London visitor to go there, such as Madame Tussauds, Buckingham palace, British Museum etc. many of the London museums are offers free entry.

london mayfair serviced apartments

Serviced apartments in Mayfair for short stay also value your money, as these apartments are very much lower in price than to any other expensive hotel accommodations in London. Almost 30 percent less expensive, you can later use this cost on your traveling or shopping expense.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Serviced Apartments to rent in London for Short Stays

Short Stay serviced apartments to rent in London offers numerous amenities such as fully furnished apartment with modern lavatories and bedroom, spacious rooms and lounge equipped with LED TV and WI-FI service, a self catering kitchen with all necessary equipments such as stove, ovens, refrigerators, dish washer, also maid and laundry service is offered and 24 hour reception service in case you need anything. 

These short stay apartments serviced apartments in Mayfair are also very much in close proximity to London’s fascinating locations and attractions such as London Eye, MadameTussauds, Modern Tate, Art galleries, Theaters, Museums, Lords Cricket Stadium, Grocery Stores, 3D Cinema Halls, Restaurants, Pubs, Dance Clubs and many more which makes your London visits not only entertaining but a memorable one.

Serviced apartment in Mayfair is entirely decorated with the finest Italian decorator and designers, combined with contemporary interior with modern living.

The newly furbished apartments, decorated with textured walls with mix state of art appliances to design a stylish home away apartment for the London visitors. Serviced apartments in Mayfair are equipped with variety of Hi tech gadgets to ensure every need is catered, a music library, broadband internet service, a wall panel for scene setting and mood lighting to enhance the luxury experience, modern bathrooms and showers, 3D LED TV’s, remote control interface and other interior facilities.

You can also book your Mayfair serviced apartment online, as there are various online websites available from where you can easily book your apartment at their exclusive cheap price and save yourself from a headache and trouble which may cause you while looking for a quality serviced apartments. To view a wide range of serviced apartments you can log on to

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why Bayswater Serviced Apartments?

London has been known for its major attractions and renowned locations and from past couple of years London has gain so much attention of both leisure and business travelers, which is good for London but at the same time it has arisen the problem of suitable accommodations.


It’s not like London is short of accommodating any of its traveler of visitors, But it’s more like satisfying them in every need. As people from almost all over the worlds came here and have a good time. But is it the only way for them to enjoy? Is there anything else could be done? To deal such problems London has now come up with an Idea of increasing its serviced apartments sector, most importantly in Bayswater. Hence bayswater is always has been famous for its beautiful atmosphere and wonderful locations and traveling spots.

To not to let its visitors disappointed, Serviced Apartments Bayswater have introduced many new serviced apartments with lots of luxurious facilities and quality services at an affordable price. Its services include valet parking, tourist guides and maps, maid services, laundry services, self catering services and many others. Not only that Bayswater Serviced apartments provide many other luxury facilities including Spacious rooms, modern furniture and toiletries, attached bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms, full HD LED TV lounge, Telephone, 24 Hours Internet, air conditioners, washing machines, dish washers and all other basic necessities. Staying in bayswater serviced apartment will definitely increase the charm of staying London and will also make your trip memorable.

You can also view bayswater serviced apartments online if you are not currently in the city or planning your vacations here. To book anapartment all you need is to fill the required form and for confirmation talk to their manager or dealer. It is highly recommended to book an apartment before coming here to avoid any circumstances regarding vacancies.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Your Choice - London serviced apartments or hotel accommodations

London, also popularly known as the party capital of the world, London has been quite a tourist attraction from many years. However the problem of finding a good accommodation is still one of a problem in London, which always seems to become get the goat for travelers. 

Also there are plenty of hotels in London but you would hardly find any hotel room that would come easily in your pocket, Also there is one problem of hotel room’s availability because in high times of London hotel rooms are the first to get occupied.

Cheap furnished apartments in London: HOTELS V/S SERVICED APARTMENTS

However with the inception of cheap serviced apartments in London, there is now plenty of rooms to accommodate for travelers and tourists. There are number of reasons for opting cheap serviced apartments in London first and the foremost reason would be “cheap” these serviced apartments are much cheaper than hotel accommodations and provide more quality serviced.

These serviced apartments are designed especially for the group of people, friends, family wants to spend their time together in living rather than staying different hotels room, more importantly if you are alone in London, you can reduce your living expense to a larger percentage. And who wouldn’t like to stay in serviced apartments which provide much larger area, multiple bedrooms, attached bathrooms, TV lounges, self catering kitchen, balcony, parking space, 24 hours reception, free internet, laundry service, maid service and a lot more at much cheaper price than of a hotel accommodation.

With cheap serviced apartments in London one can stretch out easily without stretching their budgets. As this might be the most economical and intelligent option to invest in, can save your cost which you could spend in roaming London or doing shopping with your friends or families.

You can also book your serviced apartment online without any huddle, as there are plenty of serviced apartments online available but we would like to opt serviced apartment from one of our favorite website, as they have not only fully equipped serviced

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Come and Celebrate 2013 Halloween at London

When it’s the high time for the Halloween to take over entire London then it’s the appropriate time for the Halloween lovers to come and celebrate Halloween like never before. London, being the multi-cultural city of the world holds the responsibility of delivering every festival with full of its attire and moral values and also London is known for being the one of the entertaining city, so why not spending the world widest celebrated festival in London.

People in London enjoy great charm of every festival being celebrated here. London also gets very much crowded during any popular festival like Eid, Diwali, Halloween and many others, as people from all over the world come here and celebrates their traditional festivals with their loved ones. The reason for London of being multi cultural is that people from different cities and countries has come here and settled here long ago.

Despite of being crowded and one of entertaining city of the world London is never short of accommodations. London has acquired number of quality serviced accommodations and hotel services which people would love to stay here and enjoy their longer or shorter stays. Hotel accommodations are pretty expensive in London and are not much popular due to high in price and not so appropriate services. Like genuinely, why someone would like to stay in a room of four walls with disturbing staff and housekeeping services. An average person loves his privacy and wants to spend most of his time alone with his or her family.

For that London offers quality serviced apartments in Bayswater, where you can enjoy your delightful holiday with your family friends and loved ones and can celebrate the high life of London and the upcoming Halloween of 2013.  The Bayswater Serviced apartments are ideally located near at London most outstanding locations and restaurants where you can hangout and eat delight full quality food.
So, Book your serviced apartments in Bayswater today and get exclusive rates from one of the finest serviced apartments provided by

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Perks of Staying in a Furnished Apartment in London For Self-catering Accommodation!

It is in Human’s nature when the atmosphere around you is good then there will be happiness around leading to much better creativity and productivity. This explains why the furnished apartments in London are sought after these days in comparison to other living spaces.